Passing thru our living room, I noticed a book on the table top by the side of the favorite sofa chair of my mom.

bp2 (1)

bp2 (2)

It was a small book entitled “Make Your Nanay Proud” (MYNP). Curious, I opened it and the first page had a dedication to my sister from Kapamilya celebrity Boy Abunda.

bp4 (2)

It would appear that Mr. Abunda was the leading light behind this book and the foundation that carries the same name. How quaint that the celebrated and uber-powerful talk show host that goes by the nickname “Boy” is a quintessential mama’s boy.

The book is actually an anthology of personal anecdotes and heartfelt reflections from the country’s respected leaders and well-known shakers.  All 84 of them ranging from ABS CBN president Charo Santos to senators Bam Aquino and Grace Poe to movie stars Anne Curtis  and Janice de Belen to the nation’s President Noynoy Aquino and presidential sister Kris Aquino. The MYNP Book provides a unique and rare look on how their’s mom’s unconditional love helped mold and lead them to where they are today.

bp4 (1)

Browsing thru the table of contents and the pages, I realized that Mr. Abunda saw fit to invite my sister to share her thoughts on our mother. On pages 113-114 are the candid words from Leila on our mom – Norma E. Magistrado-de Lima:

“My mother is not a hard person to please.

At 81, she would still get excited every time she sees me on TV.

As a child, I remember I would strive to appear in school productions, be it as a baton twirler,a stage actress, an orator or a dancer. I perform while she oversees the whole process of making me look my best.  It was in these moments when she could share me to the world that she was most proud. It always gratified me seeing my mom beaming with happiness and pride for her firstborn.

There is no iota of doubt in my mind and heart that my mother is very proud of her children for we are all separate individuals bound by the values and lessons imparted to us by our parents.

While our father was cerebral, the true vision-mission guy of the family, our mother was the sparkling laughter that made her children more human.  Her fantastic humor made living a joy.  While my mould will always be that of my father, I would have had a different personality if it were not for the exuberance and vivacity of my mother.”


I am  touched  with the candor and eloquence of my sister’s words in talking about our mom. It is fair and just.   Made me realize ever more that me and my siblings are truly fortunate to have been blessed with parents like our  father and our mother. 

No iota of doubt indeed.


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