8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS: Millennials’ Kind of Burger

Millennial I am not.

Born on the year when Marcos was on his 2nd year as  our nation’s president, I have more affinity with the Martial Law babies. But I try to keep tabs of what makes a millennial tick for after all, my only child is one.  My son is a millennial, part of Gen Zen  — those born between  1982 and 2004.

Given that it is the largest and most important generation since the Baby Boomers (as dubbed by the Time Magazine no less), much has been studied about the Millenials.   Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe wrote about an entire book devoted to them, titled  “Millenials Rising: The Next Generation.” Comprising roughly one quarter of the whole global population, they are the present and future of the marketplace. Here is what one leading consumer research think tank (the Hartman Group) has to say about their  spending habits: 

Millennials seek QUALITY and VALUE and do not see one as a trade-off for the other. Quality is not defined by a brand name. In fact, Millennials are more likely to care about brands only where there is a significant cost to getting it wrong. Millennials have grown up expecting unlimited choice, so they behave accordingly, with little need for retail or brand loyalty, especially in food/beverage. An always-on-the-go, unpredictable, lifestyle reinforces their need for spontaneous choice. Choice is about whimsy and play—a preference for the moment rather than an expression of one’s values. Millennials want to tinker, customize and create their own experiences. Food, clothes, music – everything can be made uniquely their own. Retailers and CPG companies who engage this generation with playful, innovation-driven experiences can win with Millennials.”

Unlimited choices.  Tinker and customize the experience.  These are the words that crossed my mind when I was with my son Marcel, nephew Stefan  and niece Maimai (millenials all 3), one holiday   afternoon  browsing thru the menu of 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS,  one of the latest burger joints to hit SM and for that matter the whole of Metro Manila. Hours earlier, the young ones accompanied my wife and me to the cemetery to offer flowers and prayers at the tomb of my father-in-law. Having no good deed unrewarded, my wife asked where  they wanted to have a merienda.  Without missing a beat, my nephew  blurted out “8 CUTS.” This got me curious because  my nephew is known to be a picky eater.  It must be really good if the cute yet bossy one craves for it.

So it happened that we travelled from the North Cemetery to  SM Megamall to have ourselves experience this new burger sensation from The Moment Group of Restaurants (http://momentgroup.ph/).  And it must be a sensation given that there was a  waiting line in front of the joint when we reached the 3rd floor of the new wing.


When we finally got ourselves a table, we began the ordering from the smiling and patient  waitress.  I guess without the help of my nephew and niece, I would not have been able to order properly as a newbie would have to go thru the menu. As the diagram from the menu  would show, one would have to specify first the bun of your choice, then the toppings which will go with the bun, and then for the piece de resistance, one gets to pick  what  beef blend for the burger patty.

3 (1)

You are the boss and you get to choose.

Educatingthe customers...

Educatingthe customers…

...an informed choice.

… for an informed choice. 

And this is the origin of the name 8 CUTS.  The burger joint combines two beef cuts for the burger of choice by the all-important customer.  There are 8 cuts to choose from:  Chuck, Rib Eye, Short Rib, Sirloin, Brisket, Hanger, Flank and Oxtail.    The food  cognoscenti out there like Sandy Daza would tell us that a combination of  one lean cut and one loaded with fat makes a great-tasting burger.

While I had a relatively hard time picking my cut and my burger, the millenials 3 had a smooth savvy time ordering theirs.   And they even looked savvier when the orders came after a reasonable waiting time. The young ones  had a  great time consuming the crafted masterpieces of a burger as the photos would illustrate.

6 (1)

The Hangover


House Blend


Ox Blend

My nephew eyeing his burger

My nephew eyeing his burger

Eyes are closed.  Must be really good.

Eyes are closed. Must be really good.

My son’s first bite of an 8 Cuts burger

My son’s first bite of an 8 Cuts burger

How was it? My son playing it coy

How was it? My son playing it coy

I liked my burger and my wife liked her pasta.

I liked my burger and my wife liked her pasta.

My son, nephew and niece were clearly in their element as they got to choose and tinker what blend and toppings to partake. And they proved to be smoother than me as they got  the go ahead  from my wife to order their second burgers.  No doubt they were of a different cut.

As for me, I enjoyed it in a significant way.  After getting accustomed to the fast food tastes of the Big Mac, the Champ and the Whopper for decades, it was kind of a revelation for me that a burger can taste that  delicious and rich.  It even tasted healthy what with my option of mushrooms and my non-options of cheese and mayonnaise as toppings.

Come payment time, I volunteered to be the one to pay for this extraordinary burger feast.  The bill arrived and initially it was staggering considering a probinsiyano like me would get hefted by  a burger bill of Php 2,500 for 6 persons.   But then again I remembered that my son and my nephew got 2 burgers each. Plus, witnessing the hearty smiles and vigorous laughter (zero ipad usage)  of my loved ones made it all worthwhile.   

My mother-in-law, my wife and me happy to see our young ones having a good time.

My mother-in-law, my wife and me happy to see our young ones having a good time.

Satisfied customers?

Satisfied customers?

 A salute to the people of 8 CUTS.  They succeeded in creating a good time.  Quality and value indeed for the millenials (with their parents and/or kids) out there .

2 thoughts on “8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS: Millennials’ Kind of Burger

  1. by the look of it, the burgers are definitely mouthwatering. i just have to make sure though that i got my wallet with me when i eat there. and yes, it should be stuffed with cash. hahahaha.

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