“Lefto”  as in leftover. 

My mom is a Pizza Hut fan.  She loves ordering pizza for delivery.  The thing with Pizza Hut, you order 1 family pan pizza and they tell you at Php 409 you get 2 boxes.  Even if we get only 1, we still get charged Php 409.  No brainer.  We get the 2 pcs of pan pizza.

Saturday afternoon, the merienda was Pizza Hut pan pizza:  Hawaiian &  Pepperoni.  As it turned out, we only got to finish 1 and a half box. There was leftover which got stored in the fridge.

Come Sunday morning, after a 10-km heat and hill  training run inside South Bay, my stomach was growling for some breakfast. Good thing my creative mind was active.  Why not use the slices of leftover pizza  as toppings for a lettuce salad? Thus, the Bicolano Penguin lefto pizza salad is born.


slice of Pizza Hut pan pizza

lettuce (1/2 of a Php 69 pack from SM Supermarket)

flesh of a pomelo

Japanese mango dressing by Whisk

The ingredients

The ingredients

I had the plate of salad all to myself.  My family members had eaten ahead of me.  I would say the salad was a refreshing hit for me.  It offered my taste bud a menagerie of flavors from the Italian in the pizza to the Thai in the pomelo and the Japanese wasabi in the dressing.

Go try it.  There’s  esculent gem  in them leftovers.

A taste of Italy, Thailand and Japan

A taste of Italy, Thailand and Japan

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